The indispensable quality of our Mission is to make high quality film and television productions that contribute to, and bring about social validation of the better and lesser angles inherent in our nature through the experience and impact of visual media; either through comedy or drama.

Our film production mission and our sound stage development are closely tied together. The development of and studio facility has additional objectives related to economic impact and the community socioeconomic well-being.  Though Georgia is the most successful State to join the American movie capitals, San Antonio could compete if not rival Gorgia’s venture into the entertainment world. Because San Antonio has long been known as the gateway to South America, the City is strategically located to become a major film and television production force in the Western Hemisphere should it garner the entertainment world south of the border. This advantage may well secure the region’s position in the industry as China’s Dalian Wanda Group continues to acquire major portions of the movie and entertainment world.

Our Mission and Objectives

advantage of opportunities for students to become involved in the local motion picture and television industry.


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