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  1. Windcatcher: The Story of SacajaweaIn Negotiations

In 1805, a kidnapped Shoshone girl returns to her people with the help of white explorers, but when faced with disappointment and heartache she is forced to leave her dream behind as destiny has another plan.

Director: Kaaren F. Ochoa

Writer: Jane L. Fitzpatrick

Stars: John Savage, Raoul Max Trujillo, Blanca Blanco | See full cast & crew »

 2. The Black Messiah Murders

  Lance Flores, Writer/Exec. Prod/Director; Steve O’Brien, Co-Director; Producer TBA, Cast & Crew: TBA


  3. Exit 102: Asbury Park

  Peter Dobson, Writer/Director; Robert Evens & Jeff Mazzola, Producers; Peter Dobson & Marc Clebanoff; Lance Flores, Exec. Producer; Cast & Crew: TBA

 4.  The Adventures of Dex Dixon, { Promotion Clip }  [contract pending]  Steve Coker, Writer/Director; Vicki Clarkson, Exec. Producer. A film noir, Horror, Comedy Musical filled with puns, guns, vixens, vamps, monsters, music, and mayhem. Dex Dixon looks at the old film clichés in a whole new way.

  5. Short Fellas { Trailer } – Steve O'Brien, Producer; Richard Johnstone, Director; CAST: Warwick Davis as ‘Charlie’, (Harry Potter, Star Wars - Epsd I & VI, Life's Too Short - TV series); More Cast

  6. On The Ropes

{ story background } – Steve Wilburn, Producer/Director; Lance Flores, Exec. Prod.; Cast & Crew: TBA

  7. The Slick Boys  

{ story background } – Steve Wilburn, Writer/Producer

   8. Of Gods & Men - A History of  the American Courts –   Documentary - TBA

 10. Desert Ghost  – Lance Flores, Writer/Director/Exec. Producer; Producer, Cast:  Suad Nubia (Lead) TBA



Autism Speaks - Toni Braxton.mp4

Toni Braxton speaks on Autism  

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Mike Rocket’s  Movie Scenes

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